Latest Updates

Here are all the latest updates regarding environmental noise in Dublin city.

2017 Dublin City Noise Maps just published

27th June, 2017 15:56
Go to our Dublin City Noise Maps page on the Dublin City Council Web Site to view the new 2017 Noise Maps, Summary Report and Population Statistics.

High Sound Measurements at Dolphins Barn

20th November, 2015 8:31
There has been unusually high readings at our Dolphins Barn Site since the 9th of November. Initially it was thought to be due to the bad weather. Day time readings continued to remain high after the gale force winds subsided. After replacement of the microphone at that site on the 19th of November, measurements have returned to what would be considered normal levels for that area.

Some 'glitches' in the monitoring

22nd May, 2015 14:40
You may note some unusual readings being displayed at a number of our sites. These are due to the individual monitors being taken out of the network for service and calibration. It is anticipated all monitoring will be back to normal by the end of May 2015.

Ten of The World's Noisiest Cities

22nd April, 2015 11:15
Want to know where 10 of the worlds most noisiest cities are according to an article in Waves Newsletter by B&K - then follow this link:-

A quarter of Europe’s population exposed to harmful traffic noise

15th April, 2015 11:09
The European Environment Agency has released a comprehensive report on the impact of noise on the health and the environment of the citizens of Europe. The report titled 'Noise In Europe 2014' uses much of the information produced by Member States during round one (2007) and round two (2012) of the noise modelling and mapping required to be undertaken by Environmental Noise Directive 2002/49/EC. The report can be viewed and downloaded from the EEA website page at this link

2014 Ambient Sound Monitoring Network Annual Report Realeased by Dublin City Council.

13th April, 2015 11:04
Dublin City Council has just released it's 2014 Ambient Sound Monitoring Annual Report for its Monitoring Network. It provides summarised information and comment on its 14 monitoring locations for 2014. It can be viewed and downloaded from here: -